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    Speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Edgewood, KY Today

    Confronted with a criminal charge can be a stressful ordeal for you and your loved ones. What will the impact be on your reputation? What exactly are your constitutional rights and privileges? Whether it’s a simple misdemeanor or complex felony, a powerful defense is the best way to protect you from these mounting charges. It does not matter if your facing a year in jail or staring at lifetime in prison, we handle both felony and misdemeanor cases to achieve a positive result in your case.


    Trying to traverse the criminal legal process on your own can lead to disastrous results. Instead, allow us to use our skills and expertise to make sure that either you or your loved one achieves the best results. Why take a gamble on your outcome when many of these charges carry with them serious, life-altering penalties. No matter what you think your chances of success may be on your own, you are entitled to the help of attorneys with our skills in this area.