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    Personal Injury Law in Edgewood, KY

    Through no fault of their own, you or a loved one has been hurt by the negligence of another. We understand how delicate this time is for you. How will this affect your daily life? How are you going to pay the mounting medical bills? Will you have the ability to still work?


    Injury cases can be exceedingly upsetting to our clients. Too often, people only focus on the physical pain while neglecting the emotional distress and fears that are commonly associated with personal injuries.

    If you or a loved one has been injured, it is important to contact the Law Offices of Farley & Hopper, PLLC. Our number one purpose is to alleviate the stress and fear, in order to allow you to focus on your recovery.


    Our attorneys will persistently pursue just compensation for your injuries and take the steps necessary to put this experience in your rearview mirror! Don’t hesitate to call. While you are contemplating your next steps, the other party or insurance are already hard at work building their case against you.


    Contacting us will cost you nothing. Retaining us will cost you nothing, because we don’t get paid unless you do. Your initial consultation is completely free! Not contacting us could cost you everything. We are here to help you build the gap from despair to hope.